Benvenuto da Nora

Your private getaway in Puglia

“The surprising fact of living in a trullo is that it imposes a new vision of the world on you.

In a trullo there are no edges, there is circularity. You only notice it when you are inside of it. The look the walls create forces you to think in circles and this rarely happens under normal circumstances. Our gaze constantly encounters edges, triangles, points that interrupt the view and thus the observation. Our thoughts are therefore forced to “stay” in broken lines. In the inner view of the Trulli, however, the coordination of thought is much more fluid, especially in the case of a narrative or poetic invention.

When I think of the trullo, I immediately think of the circularity of thinking inside the trullo. ”

from the foreword by Andrea Camilleri in "The Laudation on the Trullo" by Giovanni Giacovazzo.